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Trekbuddy is an app for mobile phones (Android, J2ME), which can display offline road maps and hiking maps on any Java-enabled mobile phone.

For mobile phones with GPS receiver, Trekbuddy displays the current position on the map. This page contains some useful links to enable an effective start with Trekbuddy and offers ready-made Trekbuddy maps based on Openstreetmap data for download.

Quick Start

In order to use the program, Trekbuddy must be installed on the phone and a map file must be available. The latest version of the program for Android Smartphones, Java phones and Blackberry can be downloaded at or, for Android, from the Google play store.  

Installation File for J2ME: To install the program for simple JAVA mobile phones, just open this link directly in the mobile phone browser. The downloaded version has some additional adjustments for SonyEricsson mobile phones and in the German O2 GSM network it is possible to display the approximate position of the mobile phone without any GPS receiver. To use this feature, select the option "O2 '" under Settings / location / provider.

World Map

WorldIf you want to install a small world atlas on your smartphone, this map is for you. The map covers the whole Earth in the resolution of a standard atlas for school and home use. (ZIP file, download size approx. 32MB)

After unpacking, the card is ready to go for display in TrekBuddy, choose the file "world.tar" to open the map. The whole earth can be represented in two coarse resolution levels. Regional maps of USA, EU and Japan / Korea are also available in a third, finer resolution level.

Map of Germany

This is a complete map of Germany for use with TrekbuddyPlease download the file to your PC, unzip and copy all the unzipped files to the phone (or an external memory card that can be inserted into the phone). To open the map, select the file "deutschland.tar" in Trekbuddy. (ZIP file, download size approx. 65MB) is prepared and ready to start covering Germany and adjacent areas of neighboring countries in the resolution of a typical road map. This map contains two levels ("land" and "region").

The following atlas contains more detailed maps of selected regions: (ZIP file, download size approx. 540MB). This map contains 5 levels of resolution. The first two coarse resolutions "land" and "region" are available for all of Germany. In the finer resolution levels up to detailed street level, the cities of Berlin, Dresden, Leizpig and Prague are included. The detailed level shows among others walkways, building outlines and restaurants. In addition, the atlas contains high-resolution maps of the Saxon Switzerland and the Spreewald, where many trails are marked.

Map of Western Canada

Western Canada from the Pacific coast up to the national parks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains is a charming destination for nature lovers and individuals. I'm offering a prepared Trekbuddy map for Canada / West. The map of Western Canada is particularly tailored to the needs of tourists. This map is created based on OpenStreetMaps. (ZIP file, download size approx. 80MB)

The map is prepared and ready to start. It is covering Western Canada from the Pacific to the Rocky Mountains. The first two stages of coarse resolution "Country" and "Regional" are available for the whole area. The finer resolution levels mainly cover areas of touristic interest, e.g. Canada's national parks, big cities and the Okanagan Valley. The western coastal cities of Vancouver and Victoria (British Columbia's province capital) can be zoomed down to street level.

More info

Trekbuddy - English homepage of the program, Trekbuddy

MAC - The "Mobile Atlas Creator" allows you to create custom maps for Trek Buddy from various sources on the Internet (OpenStreetMaps, etc.)

Related Sites

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GPXView - This site visualizes tracklog routes which were recorded by Trekbuddy (and saved in GPX format) on maps

GPXReport - Generate reports from tracklog route data in GPX format (route length, average speed, etc.)

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